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How Trident works?

Unlike the account-balance model of Ethereum, Mixin Network is based on the UTXO model, like Bitcoin. So Mixin NFTs work a little bit differently from Ethereum NFTs.

Trident is much more intuitive. When using Trident, you don't have to worry about smart contracts, because there are no smart contracts at all. Using Trident is like using a normal e-commerce service, like Ebay, except Trident is decentralized.

Trident is an MTG application, which means Multisig Trusted Group.It is a multisig wallet. For now, Trident is managed by a 3-of-5 multisig wallet in which signers are 5 parties from the community.


Let’s take an example.

Say a seller wants to sell his NFT on Trident. He needs to deposit the NFT to Trident MTG first and tag a price like 1 Bitcoin.

The NFT is now held by Trident MTG, in a 3-of-5 multisig wallet. It’s safe.

Then comes the buyer. He is interested in the NFT. So he needs to transfer Bitcoin to Trident MTG, rather than any individual wallet. It’s safe too. No one can steal from multisig wallets.

Trident MTG will match the order between seller and buyer. The seller will receive Bitcoin, and the NFT will be delivered to the buyer at the same time. That's it. Order completed.


This is how Trident works on the NFT exchange.