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How to mint NFTs?

You need to create your NFT under a collection(how to create collection).

Also, all you have to do is fill out another simple form.


The media is the original digital data of your NFT. It can be an image, video or audio. Its hash will be saved on the chain.

In addition to the media, you need to upload an icon for your NFT to display in many situations for convenience.

The identifier is very important. It must be a unique number under the same collection, which makes your NFT unique.

The royalty ensures that you may receive a royalty fee from the second sale as the creator.

You need to pay a small fee to mint your NFT from the issuer NFO, which is the decentralized layer to support NFT on Mixin Messenger and Mixin Kernel. By the way, it's also an MTG.


If all goes well, the NFT will be issued to your personal wallet. You can sell it on Trident at a fixed price or at an auction. You can sell NFTs for multiple cryptos such as ETH, BTC, USDT and more.